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Bikestand Watch - Bicycle Rack Watch

Bikestand Watch - Bicycle Rack Watch

Artikelnummer: 510010-1

Bikestand Watch

• Helps save space while parking bicycles
• Keeps bicycles protected
• Can accommodate at least two bikes easily
• Has an attractive design and alluring RAL colors

The Bikestand Watch is ideal for parking your bicycle safely. It is a bicycle rack which aids you in racking your bike. It helps you save a lot of space and can be easily installed alongside the footpaths or sidewalks. The Bikestand Watch can be placed inside the ground using the 400mm casting. It is made of hot-dip galvanized steel which provides strength, protection and keeps the design attractive at the same time. Parking your bike will no longer be a hassle with the Bikestand Watch!
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Bikestand Watch

With its characteristic design, Cycle Stand Watch has become our best seller among our bicycle racks. As the name describes, this bicycle racks your bike. Watch is a space-saving bicycle rack and can be effectively installed along sidewalks. It can accommodate up to 2 bikes.

Bike rack Watch is easily mounted through the casting (400 mm) in the ground.

Formenta's bicycle racks are designed to create safe bicycle parking, where people can feel safe leaving their bike. We also place great emphasis on the fact that our bicycle racks should have an attractive design and be beautiful even when they are empty on bicycles. Therefore, we produce all our bicycle racks in hot-dip galvanized steel and painted in any Ral color.

Installation instructions Watch


Care instructions

Fiberglass reinforced polyester

The main material we use is glass fiber reinforced polyester with gelcoated surface layers that can be delivered in the RAL scale all colors. This material provides maintenance-free and strong products that at the same time they get a lot low weight. The color resistance is extremely high because the products are infared and gelcoated. To clean This type of product is very simple and produces very little environmental impact. The product is easily cleaned common sponges, hot water and soap. The products can also be polished with ordinary boat wax to achieve and regain extra lust after several years outdoors.

Hot galvanized & Stainless steel

All our fasteners are made of hot galvanized steel or stainless steel and also all of the entire products such as bicycle stands have this basic treatment. Heat-galvanized products are maintenance-free but cleaning is recommended. With this treatment and that the product is outdoors, so-called In vitro, however, this disappears with time.

Powder coated steel

Products of steel powder coated are always pre-treated by hot dip galvanizing, welding blasting and powder primer for subsequent lacquering. This creates a very durable adhesion over time. These products require normally no maintenance other than normal cleaning.


Products containing wood as park benches are recommended yearly maintenance with Osmo 420 UV protection oil.

Teknisk Specifikation

Mer information

Vikt 13
Bredd 550 mm
Höjd 1500 mm
Pipe diameter 114 mm
Altitude above ground 1100 mm
Material Glasfiberarmerad polyester



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